Our Method

Our focus is consumer durables


Our approach to strategy is strongly founded on global best practice, but tailored so that our solutions are culturally- and market-appropriate, reflecting not only the differences to approaches that are appropriate for western markets, but also the great diversity across Asia’s markets.

Our approach incorporates leading academic thought and commercial practice, and our processes have been honed through direct experience building and executing strategy for consumer durables across the region.

Our primary goal is to deliver actionable solutions and, where we are working on implementation, measurable results.

Our credo is that to build a successful, long-term durables business in the region, it is critical to design and implement a scalable model. Optimized outlay means that appropriate deliverables can be set, and returns realized more quickly in an environment where longer time horizons are required and where approaches designed for the domestic market do not work. We recognize that there must be a positive, measurable outcome.

Our preferred method is to work alongside our clients’ people, in order to transfer our knowledge – and build long term capability for the client.

We utilize a toolbox that has been developed and honed through direct experience across the region. It incorporates best practice from leaders in a variety of industries across the region, adapted specifically for consumer durables businesses.

Key components include our proprietary 5L Method for assessing and addressing client’s needs, our Market Ranking Matrix, and Distributor Deliverables Toolkit.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our methods can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.
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