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Because Asia is complicated…


Enormous opportunities exist in the Asia region, but the potential prize and timeframe in which it can be achieved vary greatly – according to market and industry.

The region is home to over 2 billion people – ranging from amongst the richest in the world to some of the poorest.  Cultures, customs and consumer behaviour vary significantly. So do languages, foods, leisure activities – and “hot buttons”.

The future potential is bright, as economies in the region continue to post some of the highest growth rates in the world. But charting a course for growth in the region – then executing that strategy – is complex. The business environment is completely different from the domestic environment: consumer – and customer – motivators are different; business dealings are different; laws are different. In many economies, information is not accessible or inaccurate. At best, understanding the environment is difficult. At worst, a firm does not realize it faces an issue until it has already made a mistake. Simply put, the biggest hurdle facing a western company entering the region is understanding, and the resultant financial risk.

Our core principle is centered on providing a solution that minimizes initial outlays – and therefore risk – but that is specifically designed to allow growth and expansion. In our experience, the ability to avoid unnecessary expenditure is not only a key differentiator between success and failure, it is often the critical factor in a region where time horizons are longer.

In other words, a scalable business model. From this concept comes our name: Scalability Group.

We look to best practice in the region, but ultimately recognize that every company’s needs are different, and our skill lies in aligning a client’s Asian activities with their global objectives and practices in a way that is culturally- and economy- appropriate for the clients’ markets.

We specialize in helping consumer durables companies. Understanding FMCG best practice, we have a deep knowledge of the specialized needs in the durables space.

We take pride in our ability to find practical, effective approaches that deliver.

Our competitive strength lies in three things:

  • our deep knowledge of the region and what works, where – as well as what doesn’t. This knowledge extends across the region, and has been built from practical in-market experience, at all levels from entry to executive, supported by academic learning and consumer insights
  • our understanding of what is transferable across markets and cultures – and what is not – we have no bias towards any one market or cultural view
  • our ability to make this knowledge meaningful, useful – and usable – to management outside the region

We offer a complete package from developing regional strategy, through market-specific planning, to facilitating execution.

Our focus is sales and marketing operations, including support functions from a simple distributor model through to a subsidiary.

We assist new entrants, and existing players looking for improved performance.

Our services:

  • Regional strategy
  • Market entry planning
    • Including facilitating execution
  • Market expansion planning
    • Including facilitating execution
  • Market overviews
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Distribution / channel evaluation and planning
  • Commercial operation evaluation and planning
  • Staff alignment and education
  • Distributor evaluation
  • Distributor alignment and education
  • Facilitating channel management
  • Facilitating retail and distribution negotiation

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